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(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:
  Adjectives: (steamier,steamiest)

Adjective: steamy
1. steamy [ Synonyms: steaming]
Filled with steam or emitting moisture in the form of vapor or mist
"a steaming kettle"; "steamy towels";
2. steamy [ Synonyms: muggy, sticky]
Hot or warm and humid
"muggy weather"; "the steamy tropics"; "sticky weather";
گرم اور حبس والا۔
گرم اور نمی والا موسم۔
3. steamy [ Synonyms: aroused, horny, randy, ruttish, turned on]
Feeling great sexual desire
"feeling horny";
پُر شہوت ، عیّاش ، گُستاخ ، گنوار ، ہڑدنگا ، بیہودہ بھکاری ، بدکار عورت ، فاحشہ عورت ،۔

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