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1240 Famous Idioms with their Urdu Meanings and Examples


فوری۔ جلدی

as soon as possible; immediately

The report is urgent; the president needs it A.S.A.P.


بغیر اطلاع کی چھٹی

Absent Without Official Leave; This is a military term to mean one who deserts his post; it is also used to deem anyone who leaves a situation without notifying anyone

The soldier was so sick of war that he went A.W.O.L. in January.

[Do an] about-face

اپنی راےبدل لینا

to suddenly change course and go in the opposite direction

Mom thought it was a bad idea for me to marry Rick, but when he demonstrated how kind he was, she did an aboutface on the subject.

Accident waiting to happen

ھادثے کی پہلے سےخبر

a disaster in the making; the warning that trouble is ahead

The pitcher of water was teetering on the window-sill, which was an accident waiting to happen.


بظا ہر بے ٖضرر غلطی

something done on purpose, under the guise of an accident; a seemingly harmless mistake

Since she was jealous of her competitors in the race, it looked like she tripped the girl next to her "accidentally-on-purpose".

Achilles heel (or tendon)


a weakness or vulnerability - The Greek god, Achilles, was dipped in the River Styx by his mother to make him stronger; however, the only part of his body not submerged was his heel, which was his weak spot; For thousands of years, this has been a metaphor for weakness

He played piano well, but his Achilles heel was rhythm.

Ace in the hole

a useful thing to fall back on, in case the course one is pursuing does not work out; This comes from poker; an ace, hidden in one's hand, is often useful to have at the end of the game

The man tried to persuade the firm to give him a job, and his ace in the hole was a great recommendation from its founder.

Acid test

جانچ کرنا

the test by which something is determined to be genuine; This comes from the jewel world: jewelers, knowing that nitric acid will melt most metals, like brass, but not gold, put a drop of acid on a metal to see if it is gold or not

The acid test given to the woman claiming to be from Argentina was if she spoke Spanish.

Adam's apple

گلےکی گلٹی

the lump in the throat, most prominent in men - This term refers to the Garden of Eden, when a piece of apple (the forbidden fruit) presumably got stuck in the throat of Adam

Jimmy was very thin, with his Adam's apple sticking out of his neck like an extra nose.

Add fuel to the fire/flame

جلتی پر تیل ڈالنا

to make things worse

He added fuel to the fire when he came in late for work after having taken four days off without permission.

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