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1240 Famous Idioms with their Urdu Meanings and Examples


بیو قوف، احمق شخص

a silly, foolish person

What a yo-yo our waitress turned out to be when she spilled the milkshake all over me.

Zero/zoom in on

to hone in on; concentrate on

The detectives narrowed the list of suspects and finally zeroed in on the ex-boyfriend.


zero; nothing

The art teacher knows zilch about managing the money end of running an art studio.

[A] zillion

اَ ن گنت

a great many; too many to count

He was really popular and received a zillion party invitations.


a critical remark; a sharp comment

Mrs. Brown came up with some great zingers, like when she told her nosy neighbor that she should win an award for artful eavesdropping.

Zip it!

خا مو ش، چُپ رہو

shut up; quiet!

We were talking really loud, so the teacher told us to zip it or else we'd get detention.



administrator; bureaucrat

When the school budget needed to be reduced, a bunch of zipperheads went in and slashed the music program, saying it was just a luxury.

Zonked out

خواب خرگوش،نیند کا مزہ لینا، سویا ہونا

passed out; sleeping

Joel worked so hard today, he is now zonked out on the couch.

Zoom in on

notice and focus on

Henry was watching a video and zoomed in on one of the actors, saying, "I think I went to high school with that guy!"


a written expression to convey sleep

I was really tired and wanted to catch some zzzzz's.

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