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1240 Famous Idioms with their Urdu Meanings and Examples

And how!

کسی چیز کی رضامندی کا اظہر کرنا

an expression to exclaim agreement, Really! Indeed! Definitely!

When we asked my mother if we were cute when we were little, she said, "And how!"

[The] apple doesn't fall far from the tree

پھل درخت سے دور نھی گرتا

children tend to take after their parents

The apple didn't fall far from the tree with Senator Smith, whose father and grandfather were both in politics.

Apple of someone's eye

آنکھ کا تارا،چہیتا ،بہت پیارا

a favorite person

Someone who is beloved and treasured. Jeannie, my youngest sister, was the apple of my father's eye.

Apples and oranges

دو مُختلف معاملات

two different matters entirely (often used to refute comparison)

Saying that men are better at math than women because they are physically stronger is like comparing apples and oranges.

[Tied to her] apron strings

کسی کے نیچے لگ کے رہنا یا محکوم ہونا

to be under the domination of one's mother or wife

No woman was good enough for Kevin because he was tied to his own mother's apron strings.

Armed to the teeth

اسلحہ سے لیس یا مضبوط دلا ٰئل

well-equipped with ammunition, also could be verbal weapons

The lawyer went into the hearing armed to the teeth with ammunition against the accused.

Around the clock


continually; nonstop

The new baby cried around the clock that first week home.

Around the corner

جلد آ رہا ہے

coming right up soon

His eighteenth birthday is tomorrow and then college is right around the corner.


نمود و نُمائش کرنے والے

pretentious; phony artist

Jill changed her name to Butterfly after joining that artsyfartsy commune.

As big as a house

بہت موٹا شخص، فربہ

very big, usually referring to weight; obese

Carol must have gained a good 50 pounds - she's as big asa house now!

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