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1240 Famous Idioms with their Urdu Meanings and Examples

Add insult to injury

مصیبت میں اور تکلیف ھونا

to make a bad situation worse; to further hurt one who is already injured - This expression is known to have first appeared in the fifth book of fables, by Phaedrus, in the first century, AD

Minnie told her boyfriend that besides having an ugly car, he also was a bad driver, adding insult to injury.

Against the grain

کسی معاملے کا توقعات کے بر عکس جانا

that which goes against the expected way

On a piece of wood, one side is smooth and the other ("against the grain") is rough. To have to call a much younger boss,"sir", really went against the grain.

Ahead of time

پہلے سے ھی

in advance

I knew I would be busy in the morning, so I laid my clothes out the night before.

All bollixed up

کسی معاملے میں اُلجھ جانا


This is from the British slang, "ballocks", referring to testicles. He got all bollixed up with the new photo-copy machine.

All ears

غور سے سئننا

to be listening intently

When Agent Peters said he learned some new information which may solve the case, we were all ears.

All the rage

مثھور اور رواج کےمٖطابق

very fashionable and popular

Carrie bought one of the new little phone cases which are all the rage now.

All that glitters is not gold

ہر چمکتی چیز سونا نہیں ہوتی

a proverb to describe something shiny with no value

He saw the beautiful but shallow woman as an example of "all that glitters is not gold".

All thumbs

بہت عجیب

very clumsy

Henry was all thumbs with the new baby, not knowing how to hold her.

All wet

بے وقوفی

mistaken; full of nonsense

You're all wet if you think it's a good idea to let a 15-year old stay home alone for the weekend.

Ambulance chaser

وکیل جو حادثات میں زخمیوں کے مُْقدمات لڑتا ہو

a lawyer who pursues accident victims

Jim got a call from an ambulance chaser after his car accident asking if he was considering a lawsuit.

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