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(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:

Noun: tumble
1. tumble
An acrobatic feat of rolling or turning end over end
2. tumble [ Synonyms: fall, spill]
A sudden drop from an upright position
"he had a nasty spill on the ice";
نیچے گرنا۔
Verb: tumble
1. tumble [ Synonyms: topple]
Fall down, as if collapsing
"The tower of the World Trade Center tumbled after the plane hit it";
ڈگمگا کر گر جانا۔
گر پڑنا۔
2. tumble [ Synonyms: tip, topple]
Cause to topple or tumble by pushing
3. tumble
Roll over and over, back and forth
4. tumble [ Synonyms: whirl, whirl around]
Fly around
"The clothes tumbled in the dryer"; "rising smoke whirled in the air";
ہوا میں اٹھنا۔
5. tumble [ Synonyms: break down, collapse, crumble, crumple]
Fall apart
"the building crumbled after the explosion"; "Negotiations broke down";
ڈھیر ہوجانا ۔
6. tumble
Throw together in a confused mass
"They tumbled the teams with no apparent pattern";
7. tumble [ Synonyms: catch on, cotton on, get it, get onto, get wise, latch on, twig]
Understand, usually after some initial difficulty
"She didn't know what her classmates were plotting but finally caught on";
جائزہ لینا۔
دقت سے سمجھنا۔
8. tumble
Fall suddenly and sharply
"Prices tumbled after the devaluation of the currency";
9. tumble
Put clothes in a tumbling barrel, where they are whirled about in hot air, usually with the purpose of drying
"Wash in warm water and tumble dry";
10. tumble
Suffer a sudden downfall, overthrow, or defeat
11. tumble
Do gymnastics, roll and turn skillfully
کرتب دکھانا۔
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