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(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:
weed Urdu meaning
weed Urdu meaning
weed Urdu meaning
weed Urdu meaning
Verb Forms: (weed, weed,weed)

Noun: weed
1. weed
Any plant that crowds out cultivated plants
گھاس پھوس۔
2. weed [ Synonyms: mourning band]
A black band worn by a man (on the arm or hat) as a sign of mourning
3. weed [ Synonyms: dope, gage, grass, green goddess, locoweed, mary jane, pot, sens, sess, skunk, smoke]
Street names for marijuana
بھنگ(نشا آور چیز )کے علاقائی نام۔
Verb: weed
1. weed
Clear of weeds
"weed the garden";
گھاس پھوس صاف کرنا۔

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