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(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:

Noun: render
1. render
A substance similar to stucco but exclusively applied to masonry walls
Verb: render
1. render
Cause to become
"The shot rendered her immobile";
2. render [ Synonyms: furnish, provide, supply]
Give something useful or necessary to
"We provided the room with an electrical heater";
فراہم کرنا۔
مہیا کرنا۔
3. render [ Synonyms: interpret]
Give an interpretation or rendition of
"The pianist rendered the Beethoven sonata beautifully";
تشریح پیش کرنا۔
4. render [ Synonyms: generate, give, return, yield]
Give or supply
"The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family";
5. render [ Synonyms: deliver, return]
Pass down
"render a verdict"; "deliver a judgment";
6. render [ Synonyms: submit]
Make over as a return
"They had to render the estate";
7. render [ Synonyms: return]
Give back
"render money";
واپس کرنا۔
8. render [ Synonyms: deliver, fork out, fork over, fork up, hand over, turn in]
To surrender someone or something to another
"the guard delivered the criminal to the police"; "render up the prisoners"; "render the town to the enemy"; "fork over the money";
حوالے کرنا۔
9. render [ Synonyms: depict, picture, show]
Show in, or as in, a picture
"This scene depicts country life"; "the face of the child is rendered with much tenderness in this painting";
منظر کشی کرنا۔
10. render
Coat with plastic or cement
"render the brick walls in the den";
11. render [ Synonyms: give]
"give homage"; "render thanks";
ادا کرنا۔
12. render [ Synonyms: interpret, translate]
Restate (words) from one language into another language
"I have to translate when my in-laws from Austria visit the U.S."; "Can you interpret the speech of the visiting dignitaries?"; "She rendered the French poem into English"; "He translates for the U.N.";
ترجمہ کرنا۔
13. render [ Synonyms: try]
Melt (fat or lard) in order to separate out impurities
"try the yak butter"; "render fat in a casserole";

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